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    Hi guys,
    My gantry left motor started switching off recently. Long story short after disassembled and checked cables, rotating ballnut and so, narrowed it down to stucked servo motor. Rotates very difficult and is grinding like.
    400w Samsung AC 230v servo. Should I open try to repair, search for a dedicated repair center o just buy another one/ used/. Of course a job is waiting to be done from 2 days ago...

    Motor obviously works, I assume switches off from over current and heat.

    Whats your opinion?
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    Hi Boyan
    Machine is down with customer waiting, fix it yourself should be quickest option, get it off today get bearings Monday if there's an encoder on the back end take that cover off first to ensure it doesn't get damaged if you can't get an exact match for the bearing number get one that is dimentionally the same(obviously) and you can start using the machine again until you can get the correct bearing.

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    Disassembled the motor, managed to break the glass disc of the encoder. Oops. Still it was unrepairable, the magnet core was split and broken. I wonder how it worked at all. The bearings were fine. Ordered motor from ebay.
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