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    Hi All

    I see there are a lot of posts to go through about this machine so i am not asking at the moment :-)

    It will arrive next week and i can go over it and in the meantime read up and see whether the recommendations are to leave as is or get it up to date.

    So why am i posting? well i am bound to need help even with the posts so its only fair that i can make an offer too anyone on this forum.

    I read the comments about old PC's being used/needed, well i currently scrap lots of old style PC,s regular so if anyone want to pay postage i am happy to see if i can help, (hoping i don't get a flood :-) ) but by all means drop in here or pm and i will accommodate if possible


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    Hi Bernie
    Happy to help if I can. Although most on here are far more experienced than i am

    I have put together a CNC mill of sorts using a compound table on my old German mill, and am now on a project with a Boxford TCL 125. I failed to get it going on the Boxford boards .

    I will be looking for a PC shortly as I am being told I need to Install Linux and best to do so on a "clean machine "
    It seems linux does not need anything upmarket so if you have something you think might be suitable I would be interested .
    Postage would not be a problem. And recycling is good!

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    Hi John
    Just this minute finished ready your posts :-), some good help there from the forum.
    I am happy to supply a PC to you, do you want me to give spec range or easier just let me know the min you want for linux


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    Hi Malc and thankyou.

    I havent even got to thinking about what I need . I did fall foul of a graphics problem with UCCNC on my mill with poor graphics spec on a Dell SFF. But I dont know whether Linux CNC is very demanding on graphics . Maybe one of the other guys will step in and help but I dont want to hijack your thread .

    I will try to do some research


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    jack away as it will contribute and i read everything i can anyway :-)

    I can probably put a spec up tomorrow on here for all and sundry :-)

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    I understand that one of the primary considerations is a parallel port so bound to be an oldish spec , and someone suggested two ports are better than one .
    No doubt an extra port can be added though.

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    Might have some parallel cards lying around, will check

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    Other than that


    I expect some of the guys here will add to that
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    i can meet that

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    Quote Originally Posted by John11668 View Post
    Other than that


    I expect some of the guys here ill add to that
    John/Bernie, Not wanting to tread on anyone's toes here, but if you wanted to look at LinuxCNC, then you're more likely to want to meet the OS requirements for a modern installation, the Desktop version of Ubuntu 20 comes at:-

    (Source: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/In...emRequirements)

    "Ubuntu Desktop Edition
    2 GHz dual core processor
    4 GiB RAM (system memory)
    25 GB of hard-drive space (or USB stick, memory card or external drive but see LiveCD for an alternative approach)
    VGA capable of 1024x768 screen resolution
    Either a CD/DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media
    Internet access is helpful"

    LinuxCNC doesn't need much in the way of graphics support.

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