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    Good afternoon everyone,

    I'm here looking for some help with my Bridgeport Interact Series 1 (TNC 145 Control). I hope I've come to the right place.

    I have recently lost my job and now need to get the old girl up and running so I can try and earn some money working from home.

    The machine keeps losing itself on the X axis. Machine will reference return at low feed but soon looses itself when trying to move the axis in rapid or high feed. The movement looks very rough and jumpy.

    The alarm message reads "gross position error (B)"

    I've been told it could be dirty/worn motor brushes. To be honest I'm a little scared of tackling this sort of thing myself. I'm not electronically minded and I'm worried I might cause further problems.

    Is there anyone on here that can help me get up and running again? Happy to pay for someone to come out.

    I'm based near Tewkesbury, UK.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Danny,
    when i was working in the university cad/cam cnc workshops we use this company to repair and service our machines
    Broader Services Ltd.
    6 Durrant Mews, Stourbridge DY9 0WW
    0121 602 2854
    They were a great help at servicing our bridgports, beavers etc, and reasonably priced.

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