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    Hi. Did anybody solve the auto square problem when homing?

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    Hi. Did you find the solution?

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    Quote Originally Posted by julius pakstys View Post
    Hi. Did anybody solve the auto square problem when homing?
    You need to give more info. ie. what are you using with Mach3 what bob are you using etc
    The more you know, The better you know, How little you know

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    More details please.
    Which controller is conneted to your Mach3?

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    Hi again. Thanks for fast response. I am using Novusun NVEM v2 that is why i am not getting any support from artsoft

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    i know that mach3 does auto square with ESS perfect

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    You should ask manufacturer of NVEM controller.
    If you ask this questions over on Mach forum, do not expect answer, as from NVEM manufacturer you can receive false licence file together with "modified" Mach3 software to be able to work with controller.
    You just figured the differences between decent and chineese controller :)

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