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    I built a plasma cnc machine running mach 3 through printer port on win xp my problem is the old pc gave up the ghost and i lost all my settings for ports and pins.
    I have a working pc now but cant remember how i set it up. I have tried to set it up but no luck, can anyone help please

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    Do you have some pictures of the breakout board ? The pin numbers are usually silkscreen printed on there. Then you can follow the cables out to the steppers to see which is step and which is direction. Same for homes and limits. For the port number I think a basic machine would typically use port #1 for most of the pins so start there.
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    If you still have the old hard drive and it hasn't crashed it should be possible to get the files off it, so you can get the latest XML config files where all this is stored.

    Memo for the future: back up your xmls off the PC!

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