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    Hi All,

    It is with massive regret and a very heavy heart that I must join the masses who never quite make it to completion of a CNC router project. Alas, time, money and a whole host of other reasons (excuses!!) have caught up with me and I have decided to sell my entire unbuilt project. It's about 90-95% of the gear to build a pretty sturdy machine with a work area of about 850 x 850 or so.

    I want to sell it all as a job lot ideally, if I don't get any takers after a week or so I may consider splitting it. It's all brand new unless otherwise specified.Here's a list of what I'm selling:

    Linear Motion from BST Automation
    4 x HGR20 Rails @ 1000mm
    2 x HGR20 Rails @ 400mm
    12 x HGH20CA Carriages
    2 x 2010 Ball Screw, nut, bearings etc. @ 1000mm
    1 x 2010 " " " " " @ 400mm
    1 x 2005 " " " " " @ 1000mm
    1 x 1605 " " " " " @ 300mm

    Aluminium Rails from KJN
    2 x 80 x 80 Heavy Alu Profile (probably "heavy", I'll have to check) @ 1000mm
    2 x 40 x 160 Alu Profile @ 1000mm
    6 x 40 x 80 Alu Profile @

    1 x 2.2KW Water Cooled Spindle with Inverter, Collets, Water Pump, Pipe (Possibly BST)
    4 x NEMA 23 270oz Motors with brackets and couplers
    4 x 2DM860H Digital Stepper Drivers
    4 x TB6560 Stepper Drivers
    4 x Noratel/Multicomp (MCTA160/30 160VA Toroidal Transformer, 2x 30V) Toroidal Transformers (one for each driver) (Farnell)
    1 x Schneider E-Stop Relay (ete.co.uk)
    2 x ABB Contactor (ete.co.uk)
    1 x Large Electrical Cabinet (previously used but in good condition and with a new aluminium back board) (ebay)
    1 x Meanwell 5V MDR-40-5 DIN Rail PSU (ete.co.uk)
    1 x Meanwell 24V SDR-240-24 DIN Rail PSU (ete.co.uk)
    1 x Switch Mode PSU 24V
    1 x Dell PC, Monitor, KB, Mouse loaded with LinuxCNC, has Parallel Port - circa 2009
    Various Panel Lights, Buttons, E-Stop Buttons (ebay)
    CY Cables to suit steppers and spindle (Farnell)
    Job Lot of DIN Rail Electrical Terminals (previously used - ebay)
    T-Slot Connectors, and loads of hex cap screws etc. (KJN)
    5 x Proximity Sensors (ebay)
    A copious quantity of Aluminium Plates:
    4 qty 249 x 149 x 16
    2 qty 365 x 165 x 12
    1 qty 284 x 155 x 16
    1 qty 204 x 155 x 16
    2 qty 200 x 70 x 40
    2 qty 200 x 225 x 25
    2 qty 200 x 145 x 20
    And anything else I can find in the workshop that is vaguely CNC related.

    I scared myself silly by adding up what it costs to buy all this stuff! I bought most of the gear from Fred at BST and various other Chinese and UK suppliers. I have somehow spent almost £3300 on all this lot - do not tell Mrs Barnacles!!

    I am offering this lot for £2500 or close offers. I would prefer that you can pick it up from near Lydney, Gloucestershire (subject to local lockdowns etc.) but I might be able to package it all up and send it via a courier (possibly on a pallet). Contact me if to discuss please.

    Cheers Guys,
    Cap'n B

    Just to update with some further details and amendments: The rails are HGR20, not HGR15 as originally listed, I listed 1 qty ABB Contactor but there's 2, I've added details of the Mean Well PSUs and the toroidal transformers, I've added suppliers where I can remember them.
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    Here's a picture of some of the gear. It shows a 1.5KW air cooled spindle, I replaced that with a 2.2KW water cooled as seen in later pictures.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CNC01.jpg 
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    And here's some more pictures of the gear in question:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CNC02.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CNC03.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CNC04.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	CNC05.jpg 
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    And here's as far as I got with the design:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screenshot 2020-10-14 at 19.42.40.jpg 
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ID:	28986
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