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    OK, thanks for that. I may have to get the aluminium parts made commercially. I'll work out some typical sizes of other components and see if the Denfords would be suitable for them.
    I'm very grateful for the advice from everyone, thank you.

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    What you will find unless you have a very large budget and equally large workshop space is that there is always a need for a larger machine because of a certain job
    I had this issue for some years and as such never bought a machine
    What I realised was that there was loads of jobs that it would have done and the odd one that would not fit on the machine
    I ended up with a need ti mill a 19mm hex on some parts that I was making from aluminium billet. I looked to get them milled locally and realised that whilst I could get it done readable cheaply I was always at the back of the queue
    So I put my hand in my wallet and bought the Starmill
    Itís served me well but I was offered a boxford vmc190 and bought it


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    9" Y travel is quite a lot.

    Short of an industrial size machine, you're probably looking at some of the Chinese machines, and converting one yourself.
    ArcEuroTrade sell the Sieg SX3.5, which has 200mm Y travel.
    Emvio sell their EMV-25VBB which has 185mm of Y travel.
    There will also be other machines as well, if you search around the many other machine tool sellers.

    Downside of those machines for me, is they are both R8 tapers, so the only quick toolchange option is the Tormach style system.
    I personally prefer BT tapers.
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    Depending what you want to cut you may get away with a Denford Router, though it isn't the recommended route it would give you well over 9" x 9" you are looking for. Most of my work is engraving or fine detail aluminium where the biggest cut I need is a 0.2mm deep facing cut with an 8mm tool and the majority is roughing and finishing with 1, 2 and 4mm tools so I bought a Denford (it may be a Pro 2600 but I am not sure) and fitted a chinese 2.2kw water cooled spindle. Click image for larger version. 

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