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    Think I may have damaged my 2.2kw water cooled spindle, while cutting a profile I didnít have the bit deep enough and the collet nut rubbed on the wood and got very hot, it is now making a horrible noise, not sure if it can be fixed or should I order a new spindle, your advice would be appreciated, Thankyou mike

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    I've not experienced this problem, nor can I say with any certainty, so take this with a good pinch of salt, but if you've roasted the bearings then it's a great opportunity to strip down the spindle to replace the bearings and learn a fair bit from the experience. What have you to lose?

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    Coincidentally my 2.2kw spindle has started making noises. After 18 months of use (sometimes for 48 hours continuously) there is an occasional little rattling sound when the spindle starts. Replacement ordered but will run it as is for now.

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    Well thought I’d better order a new spindle just in case this one stopped altogether, as soon as I’d ordered it the spindle stopped making the noise, think it maybe mocking me.

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