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    Hi Doddy.
    This is what I had in mind. A proximity sensor for zero-ing the blade before each command, and a keypad, to imput a measument and hit enter. I am sure it is very do-able, for the people who know how. I am not one of them. :p Btw, I would very much prefer to not have a pc included in this equation. There is some will and some ability to put in practice the project. The "how" thing, it's a whole other story.

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    Just to add a bit more detaills to the topic.
    I intend to build one device as mentioned above, for my tablesaw.
    Also I need to build a simpler device for a sawmill. Any approach will do, as long as it has a motor coupled to one toothed wheel (the opposite one to the handle in the photo), implicit to the end of a lead screw, and two buttons. Up and down. To do just that, move the assemble up and down, exactly as the handle does now. Weighs around 90 kg, but it turns very easy by hand. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	122009750_1809620339194230_4340954151659247494_o.jpg 
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    Besides that, I already have a pannel I bought some years ago from china, when I built the cnc. I was planning to automate my small metal lathe, but I did not have the change to use it yet. Perhaps it might work for the table saw project. Here's a link with the unit.

    Also, there are some single axis programable controller on ebay at around 50$. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	s-l500.jpg 
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ID:	29024 I never used one, have no ideea if there are any good or work for what I need. Any insight about this product would be great.
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    Hi Radu
    Attachments 29016/29017 don't work

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    Sorry for that. No ideea why.
    Attachment 29025
    Attachment 29026 - here is the link to this product, in case it does not work again : https://www.ebay.com/c/2283313991

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