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    The other advantage of soft limits is that mach3 won't let you jog into the limits and slows the machine to a nice controlled stop. It also checks your G-code and if you are going to pass the soft limits warns you.

    Home switches are priceless and if you are going to the trouble of fitting limits you'd be silly not use them as home switches as well.
    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

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    Just to add to Jazz's comment, and possibly to head off the next question, apart from position (limit switches on the extremes of travel, home switches at some arbitrary position within the extremes of travel - possible a limit switch) - the distinction is made within the Mach3 settings - you'll bind an input (Pin 11/12/13 - assume X/Y/Z, according to the silk-screen printing on the board) to a function (limit/home) within the Mach3 inputs, then Mach3 takes over from there.

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    Thank you both, I have read some of the manual, but was watching some utube clips by the Guru Brew and he explains it really well and I think I am getting to understand things more, re pin numbers and setting up that to mach3, anyway I have fitted the switches and hoping to wire them up this afternoon once I have finished refitting the pcb and the 4pin plug and socket I will start to set it up again, I have forgotten Everything I manager to do in 2016 before my operation stopped me doing anymore hopefully I can refer to the U tube clips to go forward, if I get stuck then I hope I can ask on here again

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    A quick question about the jack socket, the ring that you screw on to fix it will be ground, as it is part of the connection, now the ground on the pcb is not connectted to the chassis, so if I fix this to the cabinet will it affect anything?
    I hope that makes sense

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    Hmmm, To be honest, I don't know. Chances are it'll be okay, provided that barrel is expected to be the probe "-" line. But, I wouldn't claim that I know.

    EDIT: Just a thought - is the steel shroud of the DB25 connector not also connected to the board ground, and is this not bonded to the enclosure?

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    Not sure what a DB25 connector is

    Just call me thick, but I have fitted and wired the micro switches and followed the set up instructions and also watched a utube video of how to configure them as limit and home switches, but it is not operating on the switches.
    I got to the part where it says go to the diagnostic page and the three home led's should light up when the switches are operated, they are on permanent and do not even go off when the switch is operated. I have played about with the settings to no avail.
    I have tried setting X to pin 10 and Y to pin 11 and Z to pin 12 in configuration that makes no difference so have set them back to pin 10 as per the manual.
    I have control of X Y Z on the keyboard so I know that is working
    What am I doing wrong?

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    DB25 -- sorry - that's the connector that you plug the PC into.

    Okay, no drama with what you've said so far. I've not used Mach3 for a while so some of this detail may be a bit off (someone will correct me!), but on the Diagnostic page there's indication of the various pins (not necessarily the ones bound to functions like Home - but the input pins 10,11,12,13,14) - observe those with the switches you've added. The silk-screen printing on the board indicates that X is input pin 11, Y=12, Z=13 - just look to see if those change in response to the switch actuation.

    If not - pull the sockets from the board and just short the adjacent pins for X (then separately for Y, then Z) - should be evidenced on pins 11/12/13.

    If that works then we know the wiring is good, and the rest is just Mach3 settings.

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    The LED's being on isn't an issue it just means you need to change the Active Hi/Lo for each switch. However, the fact it doesn't go off when you operate the switch shows something is wrong.

    What type of switches did you fit and what polarity ie: NO (Normally open) or NC(normally closed). If the LED's didn't change when you changed the switch state then I would suspect your BOB hack isn't working or the wiring is wrong.
    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

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    Just for the sake of others this should be 10,11,12,13,15
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    Not sure what a BOB hack is, anyway I went back out to the garage and started from the begining, only this time the home let's did not even light, so again I am getting in a muddle, I tied to do an auto detect on the switches, that didn't work. I will check out that the pins I soldered on the board where it said XYZ to to, looking at the DB25 which is pin one, I assume it is top left.
    I have a manual as well as the configuration guide, but I am having trouble understanding the manual, I need a Mach3 for dummies book :-)
    I have put a post on my village Facebook page asking for help, but I doubt it anyone is daft enough to have a cnc machine and also want to get involved :-)
    I am getting to think at 71 I may be too old too old for my brain to learn much more
    Still tomorrow is another day

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