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    Me and my friend are working on CNC machine.
    We have noclue what kind of spindle should we buy for this machine. We are looking at BT30 spindles, so we could mill steel.
    Working area is 650x500mm
    Step motors are Nema 34
    Frame is made out of 100x100x8 tubes
    Worker is 180cm tall for comparison
    Can someone with more experience help me with spindle motor?
    Thank you in advance.

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    I'm currently working on BT30 spindle designs, so I can tell you you'd need to redesign the headstock, it still needs to lift a motor that will power the spindle. Right now you have no place to really mount it nor the structure to support it.
    With cartridge spindles, the cheapest and most versatile is to run them with a belt.

    Here's a google search for imagines for a VMC, you can learn a lot just by studying them.


    Also here's a link to a 3d cad of a VMC that was later successfully turned into a real machine.
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    Headstock is not yet finished.

    Currently we are very concirned about vibrations as whole machine is made from steel. We are leaning to fill it with concrete... Still not sure.

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