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  1. Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
    Just as you advised:-
    and thanks for all your help for pointing me in the right direction;

    system 4 main board,
    two 2.5a bipolar stepper motor drive cards,
    a spindle control module card,
    and power supply

    I'm looking forward to the rewire and getting it up and running.
    Good luck and dont forget a buiild log and lots of pictures...

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    Well the parts arrived yesterday I have been hard at it
    the photos are on there way everythings gettin there
    just a few things am stuck with stepper motor wires each has 8
    which do i use for the drive cards
    orange and white/ black and white both pair joined
    red and white/yellow and white both pair joined

    also do I use the potentiometer wires black,red,blue
    and below/ connected to the spindle motor there is an inductor
    there are 4 wires here two large black,red the red runs into the inductor
    and two small wires pink/white.

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    I have looked every where for info on this lathe can't get much
    if anyone has a manual a copy would be most appreciated.


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    Just a wee update; I managed to get hold of a connect 121 manual and a mach3 tut printed version and I have saved it to usb. also I now have a fully working cnc lathe. Woo Hoo! and a big thanks to Irving for helping me out with lots of much needed info. The motor control card was busted so I ordered a new one and now we are now up and running. I just need to learn how to draw in cad and which software to get. I think if I can get into the swing of things I will keep it. Failing that it's going back on the bay and hopefully i will get a manual one.
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  5. well done Scotty, and thansk for the thanks :)

    you can always drive the CNC lathe manually via MACH3... easier still with a pendant... here is a nice homebrew example but you can buy commercial ones...

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