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    Me and my friend are working on CNC machine.

    Working area is 650x500mm
    Step motors are Nema 34
    Frame is made out of 100x100x8 tubes
    Worker is 180cm tall for comparison

    We have no clue what kind of spindle should we buy for this machine. We are looking at BT30 spindles - ATC.
    Can someone with more experience help me with spindle motor?

    What do you think about Z axis mount? It is HEB 300mm profile reinforced with 10mm plates. Will be stable enough? Or should I add some supports on the side?
    Thank you in advance.

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    What are you going to do to damp vibrations? Steel has very poor vibration damping and is easy to make resonate.

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    Should we close all with epoxy?

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    Sand/Concrete work well to dampen.

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    I would add bracing on both sides of the column down to the bed. Commercial machines also brace rearward but that depends on the space you have behind the machine.
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    I will add some reinforcement beside column, but my main concern are vibrations. Somehow we should close all holow spaces... Column and the bed have them.
    What did you mean concrete to dampen vibrations?

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    Will not concrete crack under vibrations?

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