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    Hi everybody!

    My project involves cutting stencils out of painters tape which has been stuck to ply wood. I then paint the plywood and peel the tape revealing a painted design. I have been doing it by hand with a stanley but it is very labour intensive and I have hundreds of boards to do. The max design size is A0 (841 x 1189mm) and min is A4 (210 x 297mm)

    I have used adobe illustrator to create vector drawings but have never used a CNC machine or software. I am currently out of my Z depth, so to say. I need score the design out of tape so only need a very minimal cut depth... I have been researching and have decided upon drag knife systems.. perhaps like WorkBee? Looks like the software might be hard to use and expensive...


    I am willing to build a machine but it looks really hard for a hobbyist like myself.
    I am working in a loft so I do not want a very heavy machine.
    Need software which is easy to translate from Ai files.


    *UPDATE* After further research, it seems that although this is possible with a CNC, it may be easier to use a flatbed die cutter plotter
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    So to sum up, I want to build a 2 axis drag knife setup if there is such a thing. Any ideas? Cheers 🍻

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