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    Hi All
    My Name is Dave, but you may have guessed by the user name!
    Living in Liverpool (No not a Scouser or a Red), but a Manc and Blue
    Thanks for having me, I hope not to be a pain but learn lots.
    At my age to be described as a newbie is strange but my level of knowledge is zero-ish, as just starting out in this area.
    I am ok with a soldering iron and electronics (old school), not all this digital malarkey.
    Looking to build a cnc router. After the roaring success of my Arduino based Coil winder.

    cheers Dave

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    Welcome Dave. If you can manage an Arduino coil winder then you're well on the way to coping with a mere CNC router! The number one piece of advice is don't buy anything until you've read several build logs and started one of your own where you can keep track of all your questions and the answers. Obviously this is the exact opposite of what I did, but one learns from one's mistakes
    Engineering is the art of doing for ten shillings what any fool can do for a pound.

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    Sounds like me, in head first without looking, the amount of times the pool has been empty, but this one is a little more expensive and on a tight budget.
    Thanks for the advice and I will try and learn

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