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    Hey all,

    Long time lurker on these forums, I'm an Electronic + Embedded Engineer having a go at starting a business. I have need for automated manufacturing, so I've started to get the bits for my first CNC build - I've no doubt I'll post a build log in the coming months. 1m x 0.7m table size, HIWIN rails, closed loop steppers.

    I'm just at the point of picking a spindle; I've educated myself a little, knowing that I should be fine with a 1.5KW spindle w/ER16 collet. I'll be using it to machine aluminum primarily, but I expect other materials like wood will be worked on too. This machine isn't intended to be working 'full time' hours.

    Really just looking for someone with a bit more experience in CNC to take a look at this listing I'm going to purchase of ebay.. I swear, this post isn't spam.


    So, how can I put this...Are these parts ebay sellers are flogging at least half decent? I'm concerned about the spindle falling apart, the inverter bursting into flames or worse.

    Cheers for any input on this, really appriciated.
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  2. Hate to reply because if you get a dud it looks bad. BUT... the Chinese water cooled spindles, and a Huanyang VFD are the staple for most builds here, and many a machine you'll find on the market. They're covered in Chinglish marketing speak (sometimes the claim of 4 German bearings is a little optimistic... sometimes not), but they generally work well. Nice a quiet, and usually low run-out on them. Cock all power below 6krpm, but above that they perform well.

    I can't help but think, however, for the same cash (or less) you'll find a 2.2kW one - you claim you don't need the power, or the larger ER20 collet. Until you do.

    They're a good buy. Provided they work :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddy View Post
    I can't help but think, however, for the same cash (or less) you'll find a 2.2kW one - you claim you don't need the power, or the larger ER20 collet. Until you do.

    They're a good buy. Provided they work :)
    Agree with Doddy 100% on the quality and the above statement, I've literally fit 100's of these spindles and the slight diffence in weight isn't worth the saving, the ER20 collet size gives you so much more scope and the extra power you will be thankful for when cutting aluminium with a decent depth of cut. You don't want to be scratching alumnium away as it just kills tools and gives a shitty finish.
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    Ah thanks for taking the time to get back to me Doddy, JAZZCNC.

    I get what you guys are saying, and It ties in with what I've been reading in the forum. I've seen posts relating to the common ebay VFD and their usage, which is awesome.

    I'm gonna order one of the ebay spindle kits today. Pretty much ready to spec out the frame at this point :).


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