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i was able to engrave some nice fine detail on my 3020 Omio CNC, as you can see its nowhere near perfect but definitely usable for hot foil stamping. Im afraid the 3018 are far less rigid than even the entry level machine I have.
Hey Paul, I saw your youtube video! Really interesting thanks for that by the way. The relief cuts you are doing are really impressive. My needs are way more basic, just reasonable quality but small engraving on metal (letters 4-5mm high ish) As I mentioned before, I got a half decent result with A Cricut machine (I'm now thinking maybe I'll just try to do a better quality drag engraving with the 3018... that awfully helpful Winston Moy fella has a video on that of course http://www.winstonmoy.com/2018/04/en...tip-drag-tool/ ) but went for the cnc because was looking for something just a little deeper so the engraving would look more professional. I was hoping even a basic cnc and the rotary cutting would let me do that, hoping anyway... The heads up from 'routerdriver' on F-engrave has been useful and I had some more success with CamBam stick fonts last nite but I'm such a tech dimwit I even find F-engrave quite complicated, which it isn't for most people I think... BIG question! In your video you have a nice shot of an engraving you did one one of your designs (a press maybe?) the letters look nice and simple and pretty small. Could you share what cutters, software, settings you used to make that engraving?!! Please! Thanks! :o)