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    I've done a fair bit of research over the last few months and I decided to open a build thread. There's a bunch of things I haven't read about yet, hopefully I'll have a clearer picture of everything in the coming months.

    I'm gonna limit myself to 2 materials. Epoxy granite and toolsteel sheet up to 30mm thick.

    There are 2 options I'm considering:
    A. Epoxy granite bed(Y-axis) and steel welded gantry(X-axis). Z-axis steel.
    B. Epoxy granite bed(Y-axis) and epoxy granite gantry(X-axis). Z-axis steel. I'd prefer this option due to the free
    form advantage of casting epoxy granite.

    Lichuan's A4ST 80's.

    Linear Rails.
    Hoping to snipe some mint Rexroth roller rails from ebay. I've seen a bunch of them come and go over the last few months so there seems to be a somewhat steady supply out there.
    Size 35 for Y, 25 for X and Z

    Belt driven ballscrews.
    Hiwin 2510 on x_axis and y_axis(2x), Isel 2510 on z. For backlash 2x screw nuts on each ballscrew. 25mm Gates GT3 5M belt. 18 teeth on the motor and 36 teeth on the ballscrew,

    Spindle.(max. 2x380V)
    BT30 with a custom 'hydraulic' drawbar pushed be an axial pump driven by a 40/60 servo, mounted to the side.
    driven by a servo size 130/140. RPM up to 5500.

    alternative Teknomotor C60/67-D-DB-P-ER32. It's a 6000-9000RPM 3.3kW spindle for EUR 1000,00 https://www.damencnc.com/userdata/ar...24513-en-G.jpg

    EDIT 2.

    Some pics as promised.


    BT30 cartridge.

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