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    You can see such a wheel with a sharp tooth (cutter?).
    There is no nameplate and the stickers do not say anything specific, I looked after the photo on Google but I did not find anything similar.

    info found from one sticker:

    Drayton Manor Lodge,
    407 Watling Street, Mile Oak,
    B78 3ND


    (01827) 283888


    This site cannot be reached

    Precision vice is with a feed. Turns left, right. Overall, it seems to me that the device is designed to perform a pulley-style groove (with this tooth).
    Grooving machine, milling machine or something like that.
    The electronics are pretty cool inside.
    In what material does metal, wood, plastic mill?
    what is the milled element for?
    how much is it worth ;)

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    It looks like a grooving machine of some sort to me, and from the small number of large teeth on the cutter I would guess it's for softer materials - but I've never seen anything like it before!

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    Could it be a key cutter?

    TDDC is Tamworth and District Day Centre and the telephone number is correct for that. The Postcode is now Sir Robert Peel Hospital, but TDDC is just down the road and some info is here https://www.cqc.org.uk/provider/1-455808964/contact. On Google Earth it looks as if it is now a housing development

    That is all I can easily find out. Still have no definitive take on the machine though.
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    I also looked in Google Earth looking for some factory, workplace but I found only a hospital and club for elderly people and there were various entertainment and activities in which maybe this contraption was used. The Sherlock Holmes riddle machine would come in handy now;) In general, it comes out that the machine comes from the UK, and I'm from Poland and my hobby is rummaging around scrap metal stores. I also found this something there and hugged :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cropwell View Post
    Could it be a key cutter?
    Good thinking! Having said that all the key cutters I've ever seen close up have had cutting wheels with rather more, smaller teeth.

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    That machine was last used 20 years ago according to the PAT (electrical safety testing) label. It may also have been made for a special purpose. What it is worth is difficult to say. How much of it works, do the motors spin, etc... Then what could you use it for or repurpose it to do? I don't think it is rare and sought after, so not much value.

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    I'm going to guess that Labrum Designs Ltd is a now non-existent PAT tester, who's phone number now just so happens to be for something totally unrelated.

    To me it looks like a test lab type machine for grooving material samples, prior to further testing.
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