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    I am looking for a Boxford 260VMC Z axis ball screw if anyone has one for sale, or know where i can get one, mine is just about on its last legs

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    Hi Dave had one made myself not to long ago by Joe Gray <joe@ballscrewservices.co.uk> drop him a line he's a great bloke.

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    Hi Reelman, thanks for that, really appreciated, I did try Boxford support, but, they were not interested at all.
    Do you mind me asking what the cost was for the replacement

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    Hi Dave, it depends on what you want, length, grade C3, C5, C7, and then there's rolled or ground screws. If your screw is the same as mine then it'll be 16x2.5mm pitch yours will be shorter as my machine is a vmc 300 so price will be different.

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    Hi Tony
    I have been in touch with them, they are really good as you said, really quick responses
    Thanks for your help
    All the best

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    Hi Dave glad I could help

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