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    Do you have those moments when you think you have done something neat, and then you realise it really was a bit stupid?

    I had a stepper motor with a 5mm shaft and a coupler with a 6mm hole. I got a piece of 6mm brass rod on the lathe and drilled it 5mm to make a tube shim. the other shaft is 6mm anyway and when I tried it on the coupler I realised it was a 6mm to 1/4" converter, so I got a piece of 8mm brass rod and turned it to 6.35mm and drilled it 6mm, making a delicate tube with a wall thickness of 0.17mm.

    I was pleased with that, then I thought - Ey up, why did I not just stick the 6mm shaft in the 6mm 'ole and make just one quarter to 5mm adapter - Doh 🤦*♂️🤦*♂️



    (getting older, getting fatter and getting stupider)

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    It's the "when the cat has kittens you have to add another, smaller, cat flap" syndrome.

    It happens - and increasingly often for some of us...

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