Hi everyone,

So, having diversified my business as a result of the COVID nonsense, we are now manufacturing cabinets for kitchens and bedrooms.

I have ZERO CNC experience however I am an electrical and mechanical engineering technician who also has basic Linux experience so am familiar with coding etc.

We have purchased an old Morbidelli Author 400 machine. Fortunately it came with all the manuals so that's a bonus. In terms of powering up the machine and testing it out, I wouldn't know where to start.

Any suggestions on a list of basic checks and testing? Last thing I want to do is assume all is well with the machine coming from its previous owners (ex-technical college), power it up and run a program that damages/destroy's the machine to find out I should have done a few basic checks/calibrations.

I appreciate any tips/advice anyone can give.

Best wishes