Hi All.

I've had my Sieg X3 languishing for several years, bought with a fried motor control board and recently got started with it, lashed up a 3 phase motor with VFD just to get going but know full well I have to make a proper mounting for it to hold the motor properlystill and provide for tensioning of belt. Started along using https://manualzz.com/doc/23277943/vf...3-mill--part-1 as an example but am open to advice and changing this along the way as having read quite a bit of this forum am now slowing down and hoping for help and advice here before carrying out any more work or spending any more money. I have made pulleys using the example here, it cuts OK although with the motor mount the way it is there is too much vibration to take an real depth of cut

Locally there is a WM18 for sale that seems to have been looked after, has been CNC converted but had all the motors and electronics removed for another project and left as a manual machine again. I am arranging to inspect the machine this week to try to ascertain exactly what has been done as the current owner is unable to answer my questions regarding whether or not the Z has been converted (I think this unlikely as I see the original Z hand wheel is still on there) and what type of ball screws etc are fitted to the X and Y (maybe Z). I'm looking at this mill as it may be easier for me to have a more stable machine available to work on the X3 conversion. Might it be worth my while to complete the WM18 conversion depending on its status and use the X3 as a nice drilling machine? Or are two CNC mills better than 1?

Ultimately I want to be able to machine model steam engine parts and do these kind of conversion works. I am at an early stage in my engineering hobby, am computer literate but yet to take the plunge with CAD etc so am really really green and looking for lots of pointers. I have seen Jonathon's thread on here [URL="http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/7656-X3-mill-with-rails-ATC-new-motor/page4"] and am inspired to make something special out of my X3.

In total I have a Naerok GH lathe, the Sieg X3, a very (very) small bench lathe, a recently purchased LIDL metal bandsaw and a Draper drilling machine at my disposal. I have been making myself tangential tool holders, sharpening jigs etc to give you all some idea of my current level.

The idea of a CNC mill in the workshop is very appealing, I have studied John Stevenson's conversion in model engineer over the years along with many other conversions. I have made no purchases of conversion equipment bar the 3 phase motor and VFD. Budget is not totally open ended and I'm not in this to make money, this is my hobby and I'm in it for the journey really and to stretch myself.

I am keen to make the most of what I have and to take this all one step at a time, I have many ideas swirling around in my head having seen the motion rails/bearings in Jonathon's build, wonder if motor speed control is possible with the VFD I have etc etc etc.

Anyway, enough for now.

Thanks for looking all!

Stay safe...