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    I bought a 4.2 Frame laser (30W at the barrel ??) and it had a fixed focus laser module on a fixed height mount on the gantry.

    So I made a mini Z axis with my 3D printer, using M6 brass theaded rod as a leadscrew and a stainless steel square nut. The guide rails were 6mm brass rod and the nema17 and coupler were all in a box under the bench. So far I have only bought an E-clip set (yet to arrive) to use two clips to stop the guide rods from moving, everything else I had already.

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    Quite pleased with the result. Bear in mind it is for a laser, so no cutting forces and also it doesn't constantly move up and down, it just sets laser focus height for the job.

    Now I need to get the thing commissioned and set up.



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    That's all very neat.

    And e-clips - always handy to have in.

    I am curious () what a "4.2 frame laser" is, especially with a laser module rather than tube (it's almost worth abandoning a K40 for a 30W solid-state laser)

    EDIT: Oooer, just looked on eBay - very attractive pricing. What's your experience with these lasers?, any good?, DoC for ply/acrylic? Hmmm, the first hits on eBay typically quote input power, optical power is closer to the 7-8W in the modules that I've seen. Still useful for many things and a lot less bulk than a K40 with cooling systems.
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    Hi Doddy.

    It looks like this
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    I bought it as a lockdown toy and it cost 199 from CZ republic. I don't believe 30W from the gun as the power supply is only 12v 5A and it has to power the motors as well - we shall see. The machine came as a kit with a fixed focus laser module, so to get the focus at 20mm you would have to prop the workpiece, which I did not like.

    The software with the machine was CRAP so I ditched the controller and told the supplier it didn't work and got a 20 refund on it.

    I wanted to use Gcode generated by the JTech laser Inkscape add-on. I am still waiting for a DC power plug to arrive as the Cronosmaker board I bought has a 2.5mm pin in the socket and the power supply has a 2.1. (and the eBay twat sent me 2.1 panel sockets).

    In the meantime, I am venturing into the world of GRBL controllers.

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