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    Hey guys, im going to try and explain this the best way I can so bare with me.

    When I make a cut on my cnc I'm usually using multiple tool paths one after the other with a tool change for each tool path, so when I start mach3 I jog to the centre of the workpeice and home it a couple of inch above where I need it to be and the dro then reads zero on all axis but on one of my other jobs I accidentally saved fixture when I shut mach3 down, so now when I try to set my home position the dro doesn't zero itself. Can anyone help me reset my home position?


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    Never mind i fixed it lol. Panic over ��

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    Hi Richard,

    I know you sorted it but do you understand how it happened.? If not then I'll explain why if you like but before I can do that properly I need to know if you have Home switches fitted.?
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