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  1. I am Keith a retired electronics engineer. My main interest is getting machines going with minimum cash outlay. Recently I got an anchient lathe going using a modern washing machine motor. These motors are ideal being about 1HP and variable speed. See the results on my site calenterprises.

    Cheers Keith

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    Hi Keith

    Welcome to the forum

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    Only problem with washing machine motors is that they are designed to be fitted inside a cover ie they are open frame.
    I used one for years fitted under the bench but was never completely happy with it..

  4. Hi Peter
    I don'nt think I would have ever got my lathe going but for finding out how to control a motor from a modern front loader. The torque is amazing, much better than induction motors. Since there is closed loop feedback via the tacho generator the speed remains constant and I can soon knock up a tinplate case if needed.

    Cheers to you all

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    Welcome to the site Keith !


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