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    I can't use my dad's loupe as he was an accountant.
    I have the same problem. Mine was an international drug dealer.

    Engineering is the art of doing for ten shillings what any fool can do for a pound.

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    But I bet the accountant was good at finding loupe-holes?

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    Stunning work as usual Wal, very nice

    I may have asked you before, but old age means I can't remember what I done yesterday so I'll ask again, what type of resin do you use for the infill ? or is it a trade secret

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    Super nice finished
    Have you vacuum resign or just heat gun to get rid off bubbles?

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    Apologies, haven't been frequenting the forum last few days.

    No, not a trade secret at all - I use the RF Bright resins available from either Cookson Gold or Cousins. Two part epoxy with a colourant that gets added to the resin before it gets mixed with the hardener.

    It's quite pricey compared to the stuff you buy in gallons, but it's good stuff. I've had the odd issue with resin falling out of small pockets down the line - not quite sure what to make of that, I'm super fastidious when it comes to mixing, cleaning the metal etc. so it's left me scratching my head a bit. I'll put it down to user error, as this is a pro product that otherwise performs really well.

    Tom, yep - I use a small blowtorch to flash off the air bubbles - only takes a couple of waves of the flame a couple of inches from the object being filled. Obviously, porous objects like wood need sealing before the resin gets poured, otherwise those bubbles just keep on rising (and what you pour will sink into the wood by a surprisingly large amount).


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