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    I have been using Inkscape along with JScut with some success but I am having trouble with one type of design within inkscape, where when I have finished and saved the SVG file, JScut will load it but it does not show up, when I try clicking on where it should show I gat a message to say it is not supported and referes me to Inkscape path command, I tried loading JScut on another platform and it did load and show my design but very faded and would still not work.
    My design was two ovals one on top of the other then used the difference command in Inkscape Path, this gives me an oval line to route, then the same thing with a larger oval to give me another line to route as a finished cutting out line, within the oval I have some text, I have groped them all together, then did a an Object to Path command and saved the file. Can anyone help me find out what the problem with JScut opening this file, I have had success with JScut on other tect to G code projects, not all great as the start on left corner or centre command does not always work.
    I would like to use Fusion 360 but I find it far to difficult to understand, even with YouTube videos as there programme and the free programme seem to have different components, so would like to use the two programmes I am at least getting to grips with.
    If anyone that can help is happy to be pestered over the phone that would be fantastic, as at least this would save a lot of time.

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    Just an update, as it seems not many of you use inkscape with JScut, I seem to have found where I was going wrong, the main logo was something I took from the internet, the rest was designed within Inkscape. The logo I pulled of the net had to be selected then in the Path menu Trace Bitmap had to be operated, then after placing the result within my oval's with the text had to be Grouped together, then the whole design has to be selected and in the path menu Object to path was operated and then I saved the end SVG file.
    Once this file had been opened in JScut and set up the result was saved as a G code and loaded into Mach 3, I ran the program on the computer and all seems good. Once I brave the cold I will go into the garage and try routing it out on my 6040

    I have completed my design on the machine and all went well, however i need to increase the size of the text and the spacing between each letter to suit the 1.5mm cutting tool as that is the smallest i have at present, all things I will learn as I go forward
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    I'm a little surprised that you can get something out of Inkscape and find yourself fighting Fusion.I have found Inkscape really exasperating and people rave about the simplicity of using Fusion,even if they now grumble about the changes to the user agreement.Do you keep a stock of something cheap to try out your programs on?

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    I agree with routerdriver, I find Fusion 360 easier than inkscape, which I find awkward.

    But for text and simple shapes and things like that Vcarve is the best.


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    Well I suppose all programmes are difficult to learn at first, but i found Richard Keefes youtube tutorials very helpful along with a few others on inkscape and I could not follow Fusion 360 at all. I only need to design simple things nothing technical at this moment in time.
    I have not looked at Vcarve
    I am going through my scrap wood, mainly cheap pine to test on then on decent hard wood for the final product.
    I am just pleased that after about 4 years I am actually doing something on the machine :-)


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    It is true that what is intuitive to some is not to others.

    I also think Fusion 360 can be serious overkill for simple tasks.
    I struggled with trying to do V carvings of geometric patterns and lettering with Fusion. In short it is not well optimised for that sort of operation, this is why I tried Vcarve desktop which did in about 10 minutes what I was struggling to do on Fusion for ages.
    Vcarve has very good toolpaths for text and engraving straight away with no fiddling to get it right.

    However, I also design furniture and that is where Fusion is really great.

    You can download vcarve for free but it will only let you output Gcode for one of their demo projects. You can fully design stuff on it, get a feel for it and it will let you do toolpath previews and all that, but it won`t generate code till you pay for a licence.

    Have fun.


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