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    hi, i recently purchased one of these lathes from a 'reputable' seller on ebay. it all turns on fine and will jog and move turret, etc in manual mode. it came supplied with a pc running w10 and boxford v10 software. however when i open the boxford software it comes up with MAJOR PROBLEM error lasterr=2 rtncode=0. the system cannot find the file specified. it gives an ok option and when i click this it finishes loading. however when you finish the cad drawing and try to load the cam it errors out, im sure its to do with the initial error.
    has anybody seen this before? i tried the guy who sold it but he isnt helping at all.
    any help apprecitated

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    Getting "the data area passed to a system call is too small" error when I try simulate my cad

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    hey glinner, i'm not really familiar with the boxford software however i've heard it's pretty much impossible to get running on a modern PC, you might be best to convert the whole thing to run on mach3!

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    Just to chip in here I went the Mach 3 route initially but you will never get screwcutting in M3
    I am given to understand that Mach 4 will do it but it is a costly license for software, which they haven't yet got around to writing the manual and it is anything bur intuitive.
    I went the linux route and with a lot of help I am nearly getting there .

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