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    Hi all Iím Ash from Leicester.

    Just purchased almost unused 8x4 cnc . Originally from Marchant dice/Bionica (they seem to have disappeared now days)

    Complete newbie but slowly getting!

    Got it all working but still struggling with getting Mach3 to start my spindle. Currently having to start / control it through the vfd.

    Anyone ideas ?

    Regards ash

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    Need more info.

    What control box? Pictures? What are Mach3 settings for spindle? What are VFD settings? Is VFD wired for Mach3 speed control?

    What have you tried so far?

    Comeback with as much info as you can or someone will get tetchy.

    Oh and by the way - Happy New Year Clive.



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    Thanks for your reply Rob,

    Iv been told by the previous owner that the spindle use to start when starting the g code on mach3 so Iím guessing itís wired for it.

    Itís a huanyang vfd and a 2.2 kw spindle.

    I can take a few photo of the setting in Mach 3 but I donít know if these are correct.

    Many thanks

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    Can you post a picture of where DCM and FOR connections in the VFD terminate in the control box. Can you also post a picture of the whole of the BoB and relay. We ould also like to see the.xml file you use as it is likely that you are using an xml file different from the one set up for the machine. Did you get that file from the vendor?.

    The VFD is only wired for on/off in the forward direction, but you could have full speed control for just a few wires and a change of Mach3 parameters, but let's try and get you going first.

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    Have you generated a program for the machine yet?If there is an M3 at the head of the program it should start.If there isn't an M3 it could be the wrong choice of post processor.What software are you using to create the machining sequence?

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    Does the spindle start from a screen command in Mach3 (Spindle control button or F5)? That will check the spindle/VFD is wired correctly and if it does start and stop with F5 then it is not putting M03 in the Gcode and as routerdriver says - check the post processor in your Gcode generation program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ash88 View Post
    Hi all I’m Ash from Leicester.
    Currently having to start / control it through the vfd.
    Assuming the VFD is the common Huanyang device (looks similar) - What are the parameter settings on the VFD for PD001 and PD002? These define the source of the start and control inputs. 0/0 = Front panel control. I can't explain how it used-to-work under Mach3 control unless the VFD has been replaced or reset.

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    Hi both

    Thank you for your replies

    Currently I can not get the spindle to start when I start the G code or when I click the spindle button

    On the the vfd im running pd001/2 on 0 ( pd002 on 1 when using the rpm knob on the vfd)

    Hereís a pic of where the dcm and for are connected to in the control box. Blue and black cables Iím holding )

    Many thanks for your help!

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    It is a pity that my Mach3 computer has been on furlough since March and lies idle in a cupboard awaiting rebuild.

    It is impossible to trace your control box wiring as the photos have not shown us the connections of the BoB/Motion controller to the relay that switches on the spindle. Do the blue and black wires connect 5v (or Ground?) to FOR when the relay is energised? I don't know what signals the VFD needs.

    You might be able to start the spindle by bridging the relay contacts, if so, then we need to go back and find where the control input for the relay originates and then how Mach3 is meant to activate it.

    Can you post a clear picture of the whole of the motion control board please.

    Did you get the xml file from the vendor and do you have a Mach3 profile that uses this file?
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    The VFD isn't setup for external control if PD01 =0. you need it set to =1

    Then you must check the Output for the relay is enabled and set up with the correct pin number. Then in the spindle setup, you select this output for the M3.

    When all these are set correctly it will work. If anyone isn't set correctly then it won't work.

    For speed control, you will need a breakout board or controller that provides either PWM or analog spindle control. Knowing Merchant dice or Bionica whichever you want to call them this would have been a £500 extra for a £10 board which they didn't fit as standard.

    If you can get better pictures of the boards then it should be possible to identify.
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