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    I've currently got a self built 2ft x 4ft flat bed router. I'd love to size up to a 4ft x 8ft design but since I have very little workshop space I'm thinking about a vertical style machine.

    I've seen this video Jazz made and it looks like very much what I want. I'll probably build it myself but... how much do you charge for one of them Jazz?

    Also what is the bed like under the spoil board? If you have more photos of your vertical routers I'd love to see them!

    Mostly I wanted to ask for general usage feedback on running a machine like this, as I've never had one before. What should I know that I might not have thought about? Like could I have a tool holder for ATC on a setup like this or would gravity cause problems with ejection etc??

    I'm primarily concerned about work hold-down. I mainly cut sheet wood and use a vacuum table. I guess that being the case, hold down will not really be very different whether it's horizontal for at say 60degrees?

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    I am considering vertical style as well, trying to get my head round it a bit ! I can certainly see its advantages with regards to space saving.
    I also want a 4th axis and some way of clamping longer pieces to work on their ends (if that makes sense) but I guess this would work vertical or not.

    I would like to see more pictures of the vertical style in action too. For workholding I was imagining using vacuum or making up a horizontal stop that could help position work reliably or something. I often do smaller stuff and not always flat sheets for which i now use the blue tape and super glue method.


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