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    Any recommendations for cnc lathes that will be good at turning tungsten darts?

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    Tungsten isn't a very easy material to turn I believe and will require a good lathe with correct tooling/inserts. I think most tungsten is ground rather than turned.? But I'm not a lathe guy so could be wrong.!

    But if you are wanting something more than a hobby machine I do have the perfect machine that will do this standing on its head.
    It's a BIG Tarex Burger twin ATC turret lathe with hydraulic Collet chuck, Fanuc 11T controller, and Fanuc AC Red top servos, it's a serious bit of kit that is the size of a small car but it's your for £2k.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redz View Post
    Any recommendations for cnc lathes that will be good at turning tungsten darts?
    Is tungsten not sintered in a mould and ground? There are some examples of turning on youtube using cbn tips.
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    Are they "Tungsten" or "Tungsten carbide"

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnsattuk View Post
    Are they "Tungsten" or "Tungsten carbide"
    Normally tungsten carbide is fitted to wear surfaces by brazing and then ground flat or square.

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    Have some past experience of "Tungsten carbide" dart manufacture, still have some somewhere.
    They were pressed blanks, shaped drilled etc and then sintered

    Tungsten carbide - high density - smaller barell

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    Would copper tungsten be a better material to use? The high tungsten variants have similar density to tungsten carbide (WC !) and I'm told it's a lot more machineable.

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    High quality Tungsten darts have a body in metal alloy with up to 97.5% tungsten, not Tungsten Carbide in a sintered substrate, tungsten metal has a significantly higher density than tungsten carbide in a sintered substrate.
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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