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    Hi everyone

    I had an Email from Felder group this morning promoting their new "Portal milling machine 47.82" ( I am on their list as I bought a planer thicknesser ) so I clicked on the link to have a look as I actually will be needing a machine very soon due to flooding.

    As I looked through the spec and pictures I thought "ok maybe not too bad if its cheap ish" there were certainly some bits I didn`t like the look of though,
    then I scrolled to the bottom and saw the price. ......not cheapish at all.

    It does look like it works fine but value wise not good.
    I wonder if you will agree with my assesment ? It does not even have ballscrews but trapezoidal screws and nuts.

    Here is a link to it https://www.felder-group.com/en-gb/p...-47.82-p142995.

    Needless to say it is not on my shopping list.


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    They claim a "unique price/performance point." I would certainly agree with that! Does this just reflect European engineering costs compared with Chinese?

    Trapezoidal screws but with double anti-backlash nuts. Nuts are mounted with bolts in slots to adjust. Crude but effective for a woodworking machine?

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    Neale, you hit the nail on the head it was the crudeness that surprised me about it.
    Felder make very high end woodworking stuff like the format 4 machines, they have some fantastic panel saws with a finger detection like sawstop but non destructive, so I was a bit dissapointed at their efforts here.


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    There are more considerations than just lead screws, for instance, look at the spacing between the rails on the gantry. Looking at the narrow Z-axis I'd also bet a packet Hobnobs on it they only use 1 linear bearing on each rail. Same for the long axis, it's not very wide, it's covered hiding who knows what, and while I won't bet a full packet of Hobnobs I'd certainly give you few biscuits and a dunk in my tea if it didn't.

    The machine design isn't the best IMO. I'm always suspicious of machines that are covered and don't show under them. Covers hide a multitude of corner cuttings.
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    I was a bit dissapointed at their efforts here.
    As you say Ollie, I have allways been a fan of the Felder Machines but this bit of kit looks like nothing more than tat with a Felder sticker and a high markup.

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    There is always market space to peddle tat. The Chinese have been doing it for yonks, even companies from Devon got in on the act. So if HAAS can do it why not Felder?

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    Ha ha. Cropwell, I wonder which Devon based company you mean ?!
    The Haas with the controller as big as the chinese router its stuck to is just crazy madness too.

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