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    Hi all hope you are all well. I have a problem with my diy router. On my x axis I have 2 ballscrews belt driven by one motor. If I move it in the negative direction it is fine, can get up to 10m/min. When I move it positive it stalls immediately. I have disconnected the belt and the motor will go both directions up to 20m/min. Reconnect again and it stalls. What could be the problem?
    I can move the axis in both directions by hand easily when the belt is disconnected. Thanks in advance

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    Reverse the connections to your stepper coils to reverse the motion without changing anything else, if the problem stays in the same machine direction it's mechanical or stepper, if the problem is transferred to the opposite machine direction it's drivers or electronics.
    What endfloat bearings are you using on your ball screws?
    You think that's too expensive? You're not a Model Engineer are you? :D

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    I have fixed bearings at the motor end and floating bearings at the tail end. I will try reversing the connections tomorrow. Its got a bot cold outside now

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    Did it ever worked before, or this is still unfinished project? Also, do you have two screws two motors and a belt, or two screws one motor and a belt?

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    Yes it used to work. Hasn't been usd for a few months. Its two screes one motor

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    Sorted the issue now, my own stupid fault. I forgot I had put a new driver in a while ago, and I forgot to set the current on it

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