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  1. thanks, im going to build the mashine out of metal as i got a access to metal working tools im using ball bearings on steel rods for rails the timing belt pulley will be sprung to keep it pulled apart tight i will be posting pictures.

  2. two timing belts one at each side i have 4 motors. 2 for y the main arm with two timing belts and one for the x and one for the z up and down with can be on a screw rod.

    im using it for wooden and plastic signs i own my own company. thanks

  3. well im of to bed i will look tomorow morning and see if there is any ansers thanks for you time irving 2008 and tribbles, good night

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    That sounds like a plan. I wouldn't like to use a timing belt for the Z-axis (not without a torquey motor!).

    I tried timing belts for my prototype, but I didn't have the steppers driven correctly so I abandoned that approach because it was too jerky. I know what I did wrong, so there's nothing wrong with that approach.

    Best of luck!

  5. if you are using two leadscrews for the Y I'd consider driving them with one motor driving through two pulleys, rather than two motors. I know of some who have made two motors work, but IMHO its a lot easier to ensure the leadscrews are driven equally by a mechanical coupling.

  6. 2 motors means more power it was recomended to me so i brought a 4 axes driver and 4 425oz inch motors to drive it thanks

  7. im using mach 3 software which i confusing getting there

    when i set my board for 1/8 turn 123rpm 15v to 24v 123rpm any faster it stalles and jerks

    when i set my board for 1/2 it runs at 500rpm but no power it stalles easy

    sorry about my spelling


  8. running it at 36 voilts will it make much differances the power supplies are about 50 on ebay

  9. i read about the toshiba chip exploding when he put 36v though the spec sheet says 40v

  10. i was going to run it from two timing belts each side of the carage the carage will be fixed to the belts

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