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    I'm selling a brand new 7.5 KW Spindle Servo and matching drive which includes the cables and braking resistor. The motor is rated at 48 NM and a peak RPM of 8000.

    When I ordered this I did not specify that it should be a 220V Single Phase system and was supplied the standard 380V 3 Phase unit.

    So sending it back is not an option due to the cost of shipment etc so I'd rather aim to sell it and recover the cost.

    Here is a link to the website, quite a few are using SZGH products with good experience and support.


    I'm happy to share some pics - looks just like the one on the website.

    The motor itself weighs around 65KG, its a beefy unit (replacement for my Hardinge CNHC's DC motor.

    I am looking for around £1100 for the unit complete and this includes pallet shipping mainland UK. These sell for $990 USD - shipment was expensive from China plus a bit of import. Of course the cost is negotiable and you can have it in a few days.

    The unit is brand new, never been powered (I dont have 3 phase). The motor will have some marks on it as Ive gone as far as mounting it before realising that it wont work.


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    Looking at the spec. page I couldn't help but have a giggle at the phrase "Min of dental work is M3" - I wouldn't want any cutter attached to that going anywhere near my mouth!!!

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    Ye, guaranteed to remove any tooth issue (and the rest of your face).

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