Hello everyone!

I'm working on a CNC Router model for a school final project and I'm a bit lost in a few parts and need some advise. I already got so many info from the forum and I appreciate it ( thanks!).

This is more or less what I have now:

Be able to machine aluminum. I'm trying it to be on a "budget" as posible.

Y axis 1000mm ( 2x SFU 2005/10?x1000mm and respective nuts, etc + 2xHGR20x1000mm rails)
X axis 700mm (same as above but 700mm)
Z axis (1x SFU 1605/10 x250mm + 2xHGR20x400mm)

Frame :
Y 80x80 + 80x40 aluminum extrusion,
X 160x80 same series as above
Most of plates are 20mm thick aluminum and 15 mm.


Here is were I'm mostly lost:

Spindle: 2,2k spindle water cooled kit (aliexpress)
Motors: 3x Nema 23 3nm(closed loop?) XY and one smaller por Z .Servo motors are out of budget.
Drivers: no idea I only read that I have to stay away from the TB6xxx ones
Board: For determine
PSU: For determine too (until I know all electronics)

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There are still some desing flaws like the Z motor transmition (want to use a 1:2 reduction belt and use and smaller motor since there's no much space)
I didn't purchase anything yet until I have the desing fully done. I'm open for criticism (be nice lol).

Thank you all!

PS: Depends of the final cost I will probably do a Build Log Since I word on a Machining center and probably be able to machine everything by myself.