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    Hi doddy
    I killed that board a while ago , Cant remember what I did to it. Maybe it was when I blew up the 12v PSU
    I seem to have blown up more things than Blaster Bates.
    I was biting my tongue to not comment on that :)

    Quote Originally Posted by John11668 View Post
    Is there a cheap replacement out there? (I have ancestors from yorkshire) or do you want to see if you can revive this board again
    It's easy to say - that you should be able to source a standalone charge-pump circuit, but I did struggle to find a UK source given a couple of google searches. I'm sure they're still available somewhere. It does make a bit of a hash of your cabinet with spurious boards... but I think that you're not afraid of that.

    Happy to look at your old board, though there comes a time when you just have to let go!, if it does float my way then I think this time I will recover that 12V on board supply despite your earlier protestations. Alternatively I might knock up a few charge-pump relay boards - if/when I get roundtuit I could throw a couple in the post. But there's a timeline for that which involves china.

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    I had actually ordered one of these .


    Mainly with a view to having a couple of relays if I wanted to use coolant (or even reverse )
    Similar boards on ebay specifically mention the CP as one of their features . This one doesnt mention one but it does have the same jumper and you can clearly see "pump" alongside one of the jumpers ( clear in last pic)

    Space is not really an issue now that I have removed the Lenze along with its Iso board and relay.
    New controller is much more compact. and has a lot less wiring

    I may have to leave space for the latching relay to go back in if I am ever choose to use reverse and should fit on the din rail alongside my new controller
    If this BoB is suitable then it wont take up much more space than the current one anyway.

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