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    The time has come for me to sell my very much loved denford microrouter, i have some jobs that require a bigger work size.

    machine is full working, in very very good order. its been converted to run off mach3, using an Ethernet smoothstepper. it does NOT come with a computer or mach3, but happy to supply the mach config file, so no setup is required.

    machine does have a built in vacuum pump, which works perfect.

    no setup required and nothing needs fixing/sorting, you can plug this in and start using it straight away.

    work size is A3 (525mm by 290mm)

    it has a porter cable spindle and i do have some different size collets that come with the machine. different size collets are hard to come by for the porter cable spindle.

    the below photos demonstrate what an amazing machine this is, all the below were done on this router (its the only router i have)

    collections from Essex, it can fit in an estate or people carrier size vehicle.
    dont ave exact dimensions to hand by about 1.4m long by 0.9m wide by 0.8m high

    adding what i paid for the machine and what it cost me to convert to mach3 id like to get 1500 for the machine.

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    Looks like I'll have to put it on ebay ��

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    have you machined aluminium with it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannyboy View Post
    have you machined aluminium with it?
    No sorry, only wood.

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