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    Hopefully someone can help, I drawn some lines within a desigb I am doing with inkscape using the straight line tool, I increased the size to 1,5mm I have tried everything using the fill and stroke tools, then grouped the lines together, then object to pass. saved it, but when in JS cut I am unable to select them.
    I went back to the inkscape design tried using most of the PATH menu's but still unable to select them in JScut. a;; the rest of the design selects ok, I even increased the lines to 4mm in case I was not getting the curser on them, but still no joy.
    I have been routing the lines manually but that is a pain.
    Hoping someone can help solve this for me

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    First, thanks for getting me to look at my installation of Inkscape, which I transferred from my old Windows User to a new one (which I had to create to overcome problems of Microsoft's creation). I realised that the installed extensions had not been transferred. So that is another task for me !! I loathe Microsoft !

    My first thoughts on your problem.
    a. Somehow the lines that you think are vectors are bitmaps.
    b. Your lines that are missing are on a different layer.

    If you can let me have your Inkscape files, I will be able to look in more detail.



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    cant seem to work out how to send the file privately

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    The BSA logo is cut on JScut as an inside cut, the 4 lines are a pocket cut, so can not be combined with the logo, also the lines look ok until you enlarge the image

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    OK, I think I have a grasp on the problem. The 4 lines in the wing are just that - lines - and making them thicker lines in Inkscape only means that they convert to a line vector for JSCUT. Try drawing them as rectangles.



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    thanks sorted

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