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    I'm mid 70's male, UK.

    I have so wanted to try using a CNC machine for years.

    I finally have taken the plunge and purchased a C 3018 kit, yes you guessed it, an import from China.
    I have a number of questions but one comes before all others, don't want to upset anyone and choose the wrong group.

    WHERE or WHICH is going to be the best group on this forum for me to use with my 3018? I did a quick look and there seems to be a number of different ones with 3018 Q&A on there.

    Look forward to meeting others in the various area's.



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    Welcome to the CNC ride hold on tight, keep arms and legs out of the machine at all times...Lol

    Just post in machine discussions if you're unsure but don't worry about it if, in the wrong place, no one will get upset about it.

    My suggestion is you start a thread in machine builds, even though you are not technically building a machine, describing the machine, and ask all your questions related to it there, this way you are not starting loads of threads asking just a single question, also all replies to your questions are in one place and easy to find at a later date.
    -use common sense, if you lack it, there is no software to help that.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I'll be searching first then putting my Old Man's questions later.

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