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    Hi all

    Using as CNC LASER.

    Should I have a sacrificial piece of ply on the tabletop, in case it burns?

    I am currently just messing about, but do see burn marks on the aluminium.

    Using screen cleaner and cloth does take this away and up to now, I can't find any marks which break the surface.

    I just want to be on the safe side and not do any damage.

    NOTE: I will be having one for the CNC ROUTER

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    As you can see, the bigger ones do rather leave a mark, but perhaps yours is a little less powerful?
    A few details of your set up might enable someone to be more helpful than me

    Welcome to the forum

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    Hi Andrew
    Oh I do hope I can do that with my 15W haha
    OK, back to my question;
    Should I put a sacrificial piece of wood or metal on the cnc-table (not the kitchen one) haha?
    I have not run the device at 15w, rather I have it at 70% for the testing I've been doing.
    Any comments on what the 15w laser can do? (at 70-80% or higher) Will it etch metal, glass, acrylic and tin?
    Is there a list of what a potential 15w could possibly etch on?
    I'm glad this is a light-hearted group.

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