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    I'm planning on taking a step into CNC machining so I don't need to do the same repetitive task manually on my mini lathe. I was going to run the machine on Centroid Acorn because it can handle ridged tapping. I will need a new motor as the manufacturers can't go in reverse. To do this I need to connect a 10VDC VFD to an AC motor.

    Can anyone recommend a VFD compatible with Centroid Acorn and an electric motor capable of reverse in about the 60Kw range compatible with the VFD? Thanks.

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    No, sorry, but.... 60kW?

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    Any VFD correctly sized for the motor will work with the Acorn provided it can accept 0-10V analog speed control, which just about most do.
    Regards the motor then again correctly sized AC motor which fits the machine should reverse fine, depending on the size of the motor and load then you will need to fit a braking resistor to the VFD.

    However, you need to check the lathe can handle being run in reverse, the reason the manufacture probably didn't allow reverse running was because it would spin the chuck off.?

    Also, you may be slightly off with your calculations for the motor sizing.? 60Kw Motor would twist even the best-built mini-lathe into a spaghetti mess and dim the lights in the street.
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