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    Hello guys ,

    i will posting some picture and video of welding i did . For sure you will get more info about welding with more details. Weldin section is almost dead so we can bring to life :) You will see all stile of welding and welding technique . Stay tune guys ...

    If you like to stay tune then .. :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNm...confirmation=1



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    weld every damn day

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    Easy to Weld - Protective Post welded on my rotary prototype .. :)


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    Hello guys ,

    Part of other projecs now im building 2 welding Tables , 1.5x0.8m and 2x1m ,

    if you like to see how i can manage this project then just stay tune .. :)


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    Most funny thing was when i forgot to remove tape with foam :D what i can say my bad .. :)

    You can se my prototype of rottary positioner and for welding i was using REHM AC/DC 180A .


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