Just logged in to update this and realised it has been just over a year since I started the build… Work got in the way for a good while but I am back on the case now. I purchased the motors, drivers and an AXBB-E from Jazz CNC. So far the wiring has been fairly straight forward, I am hoping I have got it all right thus far. I have been trying to solve a few things but the more I read, the more I realise how little I understand…

How does the alarm system work on the LCDA86H drivers? From what I can work out if wired correctly I can have it work much like a limit switch if a step is missed.

Does anybody have a clear wiring diagram for a xyz touch probe with an AXBB?

Finally does anybody have reliable sources of information for setting up a Huanyang VFD with a Huanyang spindle? The VFD is 2.2KW and the spindle is 1.5KW. I have read the instructions and various bits online but feel like setting it up is going to be guess work…

I am hoping to get the machine running in the next few months

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