First post, sorry if this is in the wrong forum?

I live in the UK and have been looking at large format CNC machines, preferably capable of cutting 8' x 4' sheets of Plywood, MDF, etc.

I found SheetCNC, a UK based company that makes such a machine (i.e. the Mk3 version), but I am struggling to find forums or any other user experience information of whether this machine is any good or what it is like dealing with this company?

SheetCNC ( designed the machine, but have outsourced the making/supply of the kits to UK-DIY CNC (

This machine has chain drives, and they say accuracy concerns are unfounded ( and it seems to have a lot of capability, but I can't see much info out there other than the videos they provide (which look impressive) and so I am struggling to know whether this is something worth going for...

Here is the manufacturer information about the machine specs:
As well as the FAQs addressing accuracy and backlash questions:

Does anyone have any experience with them, or know whether the spec seems good for the price, or anything else noteworthy about the spec, etc?

Thanks in advance, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum!