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    There have been lots of people looking for information on the popular (cheap!) XSY-AT1 VFD invertor, so I thought I would group as much information together as possible.
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    I have configured mine to work with a 1.5kW 3 phase TEC motor for my drill press upgrade:
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    The 'manual' which came with it was just a large sheet of paper with lots of information crammed onto it. So to help me out I created my own version and colour coded it for the critical setup information, useful configuration information, how to handle external controls, and advanced users. I have attached it here as a pdf in case it helps others. Note these settings are only for the motor shown above! This VFD will also work with Chinese water cooled spindles but many of the parameters will have to be changed, and since I've not connected this specific VFD to a Chinese spindle you will have to look elsewhere and cross reference the parameters back to my worksheet.

    I've been offered payment for the pdf but this needs to be free to help the community so here it is. If you really want to donate something contact the forum owner Lee Roberts and make his day !

    I've also attached a download version of the instructions, and the error codes too in case that helps.

    On my YouTube channel I talk about how to set it up for this 3 phase motor including and how to get external control to work:
    You will have to skip through me chatting about the general build if you just want the set up info.

    Hope this helps.
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    I can’t thank you enough for this. The YouTube series is fantastic, but having a copy of the spreadsheet to follow along with is ideal.

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