Good Evening

I'm very green to CNC lathes. Buy, sell and restore a lot of manual lathes so have an understanding of turning.

Recently bought a Boxford 160 TCL and attempted to get the Boxford software for it, but for the price thought I may as well frutureprroof this one and convert it to run on Mach 3 or LinuxCNC

Spent a few weeks being massive daunted about the procedure but now think I may be getting my head around it

Have a machine with the Lenze 530 speed controller and Lenze motor.

from my very basic understanding, I will be looking to buy a break out board something like this and utilise the existing stepper motors and probably replace the controllers with something a bit more modern, no idea where to start with finding something suitable.

Thats as far as I am with my planning, but looking forward to getting amongst it and would welcome any advice.