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    Does any one know of a source in the UK for the above please? I can only find these alloys in round or hex bar and the funny bent shaped things I need to machine would come out of a slab of plate with a lot lot less waste as it would be possible to cozy them up in multiples.

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    I'm not sure you'll get 303 in sheet/plate form, due to it being non-weldable.

    Haven't got a clue about 415 though.

    You're probably looking at having to go to one of the specialist stainless suppliers.
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    I have purchased bits of stainless plate and flat bar off ebay

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    Thanks for the suggestions. The stuff does seem to exist in the USA at >1/4" thickness, but I've not seen any for sale over here on the Bay of fleas as yet. I think I'll start phoning round stainless suppliers tomorrow.

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