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    Tribbles, let's talk in the new year; and all the best in finishing the machine swiftly. Hopefully some day I will have my own.

    Tom, seems that we have a similar interest for CNC applications. Definetly a lot of fun, addictive I would say. Yes I will vacuum bag it and may do veneer sandwich which looks great.

    All the best, WD

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    Also interested in this as the main reason for making my mill the size it will be is so I can machine Longboards and kiteboards for land and kiteboards for the sea :) any base plans knocking around for any of the above? I have boardcad but my kiteboard still comes out looking like an old school surfboard :D

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    Unfortunately, the snow just before Christmas prevented me from doing any more work on the machine during my work holiday - as a result, I won't be doing a great deal more to it until I've got some more time to take off - which will be end of February/March time. I may go down to the machine (it's 60 miles away) for a couple of hours on the odd Saturday in the meantime.

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